About Us

We create evocative and  exquisite clothing for icons. Our items are not only stunning but they are also ethically sourced and sustainably produced.

Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, we operate worldwide delivery. In addition to providing these unique pieces, we can also produce custom made bespoke pieces on special order. 

Our Founder and Chief Creative Officer is a highly accomplished “multi-national” professional who has lived in several countries and travelled the world extensively. Her different cultural influences are synonymous with the Ade by Femi brand.


Our Designs

Our clothing have been described as “conversation starters”.

Our typical client is a successful individual who is desirous of making a bold statement and creating a lasting impression without saying a word.


Exclusively yours...

We do not mass-produce. We intentionally create only a few pieces in each unique style. The pieces are ethically sourced and crafted by master artisans and the embellishment is meticulously executed by hand in such a deliberate manner that no two items are identical.